Alumínios Cesar, S.A., or Celar as it is known, is a portuguese company established in 1978. It is devoted to the manufactured and commercialisation of metallic cookware, and specialized in non-stick coated cookware. Celar grants its presence in the main surfaces of the Portuguese great retailers and also in several international markets, such as Angola, Algeria, France, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland and Tunisia.
As a national industrial company, our mission is to ensure the sustainability of our activity, adjusting our resources, so as to ensure the satisfaction of our current and future clients, but also and not less important, our employees, shareholders and society in general.
We want to be a recognized company in its field of activity, as an efficient company, of high quality and strong social and environmental responsibility.
  • Taking into account the organizational context, needs and expectations of the company’s interested parts, integrating as strategy and principles the fulfillment of requirements of management systems, compliance obligations, applicable legal and regulatory requirements, promoting socially sustainable performance;
  • Put the customer always first;
  • Protect the environment, prevent pollution, mitigate significant environmental risks and impacts;
  • Identify continuosly the risks for Safety and Health at Work, evaluate danger and its control and hierarchical mitigation;
  • Provide and recycle appropriate training so that each employee can carry out his duties without risk to himself, the environment and interested parts;
  • Promote the participation of employees in the decisions and processes of the entire management system of the company;
  • Improve and continually innovate system performance through goal setting.

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